Who We Are

The iMax Group is a family-owned asset management company for purpose of representing the interests of the Maxwell Family of investments in real estate developments, IT innovations, collaborations, and portfolio management of various financial instruments.

What We Believe

  • Our attitude of Gratitude daily keeps us humble and focused on whats most important in our evaluations of investments

  • Strength of a people is directly tied to unity and socioeconomic impacts of families in communities

  • We believe that Well-integrated SDOH (Social determinants of Health) within the delivery system of healthcare is the core foundational platform in Building Stronger Communities

  • We are purpose-driven in selecting investments that add value to the lives of people with the hope of making the world a better place.

Our Investment Preferences

  • We invest in Healthcare industry

  • We like investing with positive social/socioeconomic impact of black/brown communities

  • We like Commercial Real Estate 

  • We invest in sustainability 

  • We invest with a multigenerational wealth strategic mindset


It is becoming more recognized that healthcare is closely tied to an individual’s living situation, access to services, education, housing, social support, transportation and the like, known as social determinants of health.

iMax Healthcare – We are a boutique full-service real estate development company in the healthcare space providing building solutions from Outpatient medical facilities and hospitals to a highly specialized Integrated Dental-Medical health and wellness environment. We have a special interest in creating Pediatric Dental-Medical wellness environments that support the delivery of the ultimate patient experience.


iMax Institute We are a professional group of highly trained Healthcare and Leadership Coaches that add value to healthcare teams by providing leadership programs designed to increase the growth of the business through a unique practice model focusing on the ultimate patient experience.