Who We Are

The iMax Group is a privately held, full-service, real estate development company that is committed to planning, developing, financing and building high-quality assets across several vertical markets including Affordable Housing, Outpatient Healthcare Facilities, Pediatric Wellness Environments, and Boutique Hospitality Facilities nationally.

Why We Exist

Our Purpose is to build world-class facilities that support the cognitive health and overall wellness of the most vulnerable population.

Our Vision is to create access to services that will ultimately bridge the gap of social determinants of health in underserved communities.

We Value

Customer Service
It is our goal to achieve maximum efficiency with the space planning that will allow the team to provide a GREAT Patient Experience.

Our Character

Honor, Integrity, and Trust are key foundational pillars of which our business is built upon. Our leadership team has more than 60 years of combined experience in planning, building and developing space that is used for healing, wellness, workforce development, and economic empowerment.

Our Divisions

It is becoming more recognized that healthcare is closely tied to an individual’s living situation, access to services, education, housing, social support, transportation and the like, known as social determinants of health.

iMax Healthcare – We are a boutique full-service real estate development company in the healthcare space providing building solutions from Outpatient medical facilities and hospitals to a highly specialized Integrated Dental-Medical health and wellness environment. We have a special interest in creating Pediatric Dental-Medical wellness environments that support the delivery of the ultimate patient experience.


iMax Institute We are a professional group of highly trained Coaches and Consultants that add value to healthcare teams by providing leadership programs designed to increase the growth of the business through a unique practice model focusing on the ultimate patient experience.


iMax Realty We are a collaborative focus group of designers, developers, and builders that are dedicated to adding value to the lives of people by providing high-quality innovative solutions in the Affordable housing and technology market space.


iMax Private LendingWe are a consultative private lender that caters to individual or group investors, builders, and developers needing short term financing (6-12month) needs for their residential real estate type projects.